Music in Red Sorghum: The Musical Representation of Magical Realism and Dionysian Carnival

Pagetop Illustration(s):
(left to right): Dukang, the Patron Deity of the Brewers’ Guilds;
(center) 高密东北乡孙家口古石桥 The stone-slab footbridge near Dalan (Mo Yan’s home) where the 1939 ambush led by Yu Zhan’ao was filmed
(right) A mountebank (jianghu langzhong) in NE Gaomi Shandong – his distilled medicine is a panacea

Above: “Magical” Gate to 18-League Slope Brewery, filmed at Cinecity, Ningxia: the structure is actually a tumbled down section of the Great Wall, but the gateway is indeed a fortress gate….

Below: Miraculous Conception”: Heroine Dai Fenglian mates in the sorghum fields and is possessed by spirits

(note: The Mo Yan cult began far before that author’s “Big Breasts” won the Nobel Lit. Prize in Dec. 2012 and was linked to “cultural tourism” promotion: the 高密红高粱文化节 started in 2010)

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