De-palacing the Capital – Academy and Museum Experiment


This gallery contains 7 photos.

How does one (or who?) build down or around Beijing’s exhausted design intuition of rebuilt castle-palace? Finding a counterpoint template for entry and entryway space (so darkly prohibitive in late-dynastic architecture) is I think at the heart of the problem. … Continue reading

New Old Beijing: A City of Walls Past and Present


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Illustrations: (1) Beijing Walls and Fortress Towers (rebuilt ca 1400)(2) Guang’an Men (2) Guang’an Men Castle Entry Tunnel (15th Cent) (3) Beijing Walls and Fortress Towers (rebuilt ca 1400) (reviewed) (4) Guang’an Men Castle Entry (15th Cent) (reviewed) (5) Silihe … Continue reading

Walls Invisible….


This gallery contains 40 photos.

THE NEW UNWALLED IMPERIAL PALACE, “Shinkyo” (Changchun) (as of 1945 plan) THE OLD WALLED PALACE IN MUKDEN (ca 1600 A WAR OF IMAGES…. The propaganda war between the (Nationalist) Republic and the Japanese imperial machine waged hottest during the pre-invasion … Continue reading

Pagodas in the Sky, 1 : Palatial Archicraft as National Silhouette


This gallery contains 9 photos.

This piece will introduce a new supertopic and category (as channel). It is about architecture as a field for working out or demonstrating in stasis the proposed validity of human-manufactured political narratives: a device for adding a dimension of size … Continue reading