A Note on my “Post”-ing Process

This website uses a rather eccentric format for posting.

In the blogisphere it is the convention to shape a post as a short, ad hoc comment on something just then crossing the author’s mind. It is a page in a diary of disconnected aperçus, so organized (by category or channel) as to allow both writer and reader to reassociate or glean a larger idea by pasting them together. Or, perhaps more often, even if reassembled, will provoke no larger insight, only a feel for the way the author’s mind (personality) is shaped, operates; thus a way of handshaking with an invisible readership.

(The one very important exception is of course the unifocal blog, most often one exploring or updating or contexting events in the world of politics).

My personal preference is to regard a post as a long essay or even a proto-chapter for a book. Perhaps a meander, in the blog tradition, but one that I try to follow until it takes us somewhere new, a place them worth pausing at.

That in turn means that published posts will often be incomplete, missing transitions that are needed to make the text logically coherent, and/or ending with a falling off the cliff – that is, a long pause… . Often they will stay that way for weeks, until inspiration of new material arrives that will encourage completion.

I suppose it would be easier on my potential readers to keep such meanders under a blanket, as drafts, until they approach something like coherence and conclusiveness. But I have chosen to make such in-progress long-breath essays “published” even before they are publishable. In the long run, perhaps, there will be feedback medias res that will spur progress. But in the real world, few but politics/news blogs exact true start-to-end reading, so I use the feedback process internally. as a way of delayed self-editing. It is my hope that this does not make the posts read as sleep-walking. We shall see.

But because blogs are best when and if constantly expanded (the reason for the “posting” process), I have decided to use Youtube Uploads’ “Description” box to serve that daily update function.

(Channel: Supershanghai2010, so named because the Shanghai 2010 Expo was one of the events that provoked this blogsite’s creation).

That format will, I hope, give the blog-taster a richer sensual experience: the clips they attach to are meant as ease-of-access exposures to one or another topic enfolded in an essay in progress. Graze the freeze frames, then if they and the title intrigue you, watch what I have video-scripted; then if the description draws interest, hop to the in-progress “post” that they elaborate.

I hope this format or formula will provide a happier experience. Who doesn’t like watching documentary movies or MTV clips so long as they get beyond trashy promotions of trashy performers?

所以敬请博友 先看视频,然后随意读注词,思考,赞成, 批评, 答辩,或忽略
Alors, mes amis: voyez, lisez, pensez, rejetez, repondez, ou oubliez.

JP May 25 2012


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