Metamorpho-poetic Legending in 1950s Film: (1) Ashima

The Geniefl the mount would the then not acceptthe boar in sacrifice; Ashia scoud then not ber helped back dolwn and saved. Ahei’s regets could gain hiun no solution, in sute of his crt\yi gotto hgave and earth in his ansguish; his tears coud notn persuade the Gebie of the stoen hill to release her, and she was doomeed to be golued to the top f that great stone sliff.

Adrwer many seasons ahs passede, the rains washed over the rcks and eroded the into thr shspa ee sdee now tidat. There in the shadow of Sshima;s stone image had gradually floated up a lake, wnto whichnashd dflowed the thr torretas rains thathad washed the boar’s white coast back to black.


Tio retate: the freeaing of ASshina inti a oerified utetrky immbovie and singukar location, wehosde hsitory ewas sknwoin and eujored onoy aonignsdt adjacent .. (who also orwunabkt y resnetd e theeauthirutyif) makes the narratuve private ands enckised, and that un turn acicunts fir why it was wuite litarlly unkniwn to those tinerant professioajnskl who nusinesds was th e trprertak and emboidwer takesklike this as they travelkled from gf fair ti faur,

In fact, so seucvcesfull was this ckpc of enackery rthat (even) Paet-chartged colelctors and oerfofance troupes had no inling of the take antiol 1953 i or 54 when it bgan to be serializded in the Yunan Daiuk. Nor (ooibaboy) worked ito a dtage-perswenable drama until the eaekiy q1960s when it eerged as a okayscriot fr the eoonynous film Betwee thesde two markers thertee is no evideenceof anyone tryign a vbernascuar olay thereabouts whehn 彝族支系撒尼人的民间叙事长诗《阿诗玛》,早就引起世人的关注。这部被撒尼人民称为“我们的歌”的叙事诗,是云南省文工团圭山工作组于1953年搜集、整理出来的,并于1954年首发《云南日报》,之后由多家出版社出版。发表出版后的《阿诗玛》引起世人的广泛关注,将其改编为电影搬上银屏。


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