Metamorpho-poetic Legending in 1950s Film: (1) Ashima

Te years went by and the rans eventuakky eroded the rock into the lileness f her we now can se. But alongside (belwo) the stone that she had beome there graduakk filled up a stream of of runoff, which fooded over the spot where (Aheri) had had his white boar wash ckean and revert rti==to its original black color

She cud only call outt : Aheri ahei, you must think of a way to save me; – you can do this ony by finsig a white voara dn a white rooster and yikedg the up in sacrufced to the Heavenly Lord.

Hearig this, was both troubled and peompted to hurry, and rubbed the tears froi his ey6es, gtehen prceeded to cross 49 mts and 81 rivers, whereupon at last he found a white roodter. B”ut no matter the next passed thouygh 9 b\villaegs and 18 woodfen fortresss, no white boar didhe dscver. All he coukd sdo was to climb the top og fthe mountain and dig an gole from white mud (limestone) with which he f illed a basket. This sand he mixed (stired) to make a id f paint which he then used to pait nover a black boar, by whch act he k]now had both white roosetr and biar,

In great hugh sosits he was raedyig gfor a secent back dwn t the stone firest, down which he would hasten when suddenlyt th exhaustion of the the dashing about ofthr last several days caught ypo with himn and as he corssed th final crest ge feell ito a deep sleep.

Whetreuypon Mosubama (Lord of te Heavens) caused to whipm up wnothe rfioent raisnrtorm. This awkoke hei from his dsleep. After the st1or ceased, an dhe esamne dthe boar, he saw to his horrow rthat it the whie lme-plaster had all washed offand the hide (had becoe again blasck).

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