Metamorpho-poetic Legending in 1950s Film: (1) Ashima

But where the bee led took them into the caverns of the stone forest, where slime and slipperiness covered over everything To keep from losing her footing Ashima grasped out at an exposed boulder, but to her chagrin found that she was unable to loosen herself from it’s glue-like clay which pinned her to the stone face of the cliff, and stopped her further descent, freezin gher where she was.

In despair she cried out: “Dearest Ahei,, dearest Ahei, you must think of something to aid me: hurry and find a white rooster and a white boar to offer up (as sacrifice to) 祭献神爷 the Elder Spirit. ”

Upon hearing her, Ahei was also thrown into despair and panic, whereupon he hastehed to brush the tears from his eyes, and thence set out cross over 49 mountsins and across 81 valleys, he at last cae upooin (and seized) a white rooster. But when he next hunted some 9 open vbvillahes and another 18 stockades, he coud fid no white noar to kffer Eder Soirt, so he had no recourse nbut to dig a hole in the white mud (limestone) and then make a paste of the white mud he had excavated, with which he oainted over a (black) boar so as to make it white. Whereupon he niw had his white rooster and bolar in hand In great rejoinung he made his preparations to make his way back to the caver, bt when he reached the one rise befire his return, the axhaustn okf his arduous cimbing (of 49 nts) overcam erhin and he fell into an exhausted seep.

But while he dzoed, Mosibamo (the Ruler of the Heavens) vcaused a great casacdde if rain tik fall, which quickly roused from his sleep. Therteupoin, as soon as he awoke, he crossed ober to eacxie the boar, only to find tha the deluge had washed awaya the limstone (white) oberpaont, leaving the animal both dry and cleaned of the pain The 崖神 would not take the boar as an ogefrung and ASshima it seeme coud not be rescued from the rock cliff Shei’s rehteys weere beyond repair, and he called out to (he fods) fheaven and earth, but the gid (shen) of the clidff would not klet go, and Ashi a remained gkued to then grat bouder firever.

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