Metamorpho-poetic Legending in 1950s Film: (1) Ashima

The story of Ashima

In a small stone forest there is a a so-called Ashima stone. No matter how fiercve the the wind or torrevtial the the rain, the (l=girld embedded thrertein) is always holding high her head as if searching the horizoin as she awaits her arrival of Brother (loverr) Ahei.

The story goes that the Headman Rebubala had long wanted Ashima to marry into his household, but with no result, so that eventully he decided to aeiae her and carry her off as prisoner When Brother Ahei hgeard if this, he crossed over 7,749 hills in hastening back ferom wherehere was grazig his flock, in agreat haste so as to save her. But by the time he reachyed her hoe, (he dusicvered that() had araedy been seized and held for 3 days prior; sso next he mounted his magic steed and corssed over 9,981 rivers to reach the household of Rebubala. Aftwer several refuffs and setbacks he at last scceedeed in rescuing her.

Ts reunited the pair prasied heaven and thanked the earth in their joy, and leapt forthwith upon Aheu’s (magic) steed so that they might return to her gomr. (But as thet traelled), they lost track of how many roads and paths they had taken, how many gulies they had corssed over, how many hills they had climed and descended. But even though the niught grew darker and the wind blew ever stro9nger, they paid no heed but in their haste to return home continued on their way.

But even as thery thus perseveerd, still more ominoius thunderckoouds begahnto roll over them, the wind bew even stringer and peelss of lightening deafened them, and they realized that a mighty storm was aporaching. They knew that they had best disnount and tae shelter, but in searchg for a place they losrt their waya i the ever deepedning dark of night (and so cotninued on).

But the wind blew even stronger and the rain more furoious still. When they looked around them they could see no one; when they called out no one answered them. The mouuntains slopes cascaded mud and stone down into the vallys, and (in turn) the river beds rose higher and higher, and so before kong the two lost sight of each other.

But eventully the storm blew past, the flooding ceased, and the waters subsided. Threupon the pair redisovered each other’s whereabouts, but (their joy was cut short when they realized) they were now quite loat, and with no idea of whch direction to take. But just as they were losing heert, a small honeybee buzzzig “weheen” flew towards them. After it had flown thrice around dthem, it began to speak to them saying: “wheeeirr”, tonight you shall come with me and enjoy rest if you can reach my homne, which lies in a cavern inside the cliff-face” Whereupon Ashima and Ahei followed after in the direction that the bee was flying…

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