Natural Gas at the Gates: Keeping the Valve Half-shut with Western China “Syngas”

A note on Sources and Information-flow

Far and away the best and most up-to-date review of China’s fossil fuel and derived gases import structure appears in
the (US) Energy Information Agency’s Feb. 4, 2014, country review of China. ( It tell us something about the increasingly unintegrated nature of China’s energy oversight system that it was immediately published in full, translated, as 《中国天然气评论》[Evaluating China’s Natural Gas [Prospects/Strategy], and now seems to serve as the White Paper for analysis, evaluation, and statistics about China’s own energy supply systems and prospects, though retitled (significantly) as a monograph about natural gas in and of itself – see, dated March 28 of 2014. It is worth noting that the latter was published on a think-tank/financial journalism blogsite (and NOT an official government policy site), called Caijing (finance management), a liaison matrix of who’s who in the making of government policy including 2 offshore experts. Their collective project-specific input – a one-off white paper not intended as part of a planning series to be enfolded within the horrendous paperwork of the 5-year planscribblers which serves propaganda and internal political needs but is useless [I’ve learned to my dismay] even as a reference guide to what, where, how much, and when – must have been drafted for and not by the EIA because the “translation” appeared in print over one week before the English language document was released.
An interesting and revealing photo of how top-level policy making in many areas is now multi-centric and globalized, beyond the dictatorship of the former State/Party planning agencies. But how could this not be so when so many major projects include benefactor governments other than that of the PRC?


ZHOU Xiaochuan Governor, People’s Bank of China — the central bank
WU Jinglian Economist, Development Research Center of the State Council P.R.China
JIANG Ping Professor, University of Political Science and Law
WANG Jianzhou General Manager, China Mobile
Jack MA CEO, Alibaba Group
CAO Jianming President, Supreme Court of China
LIU Mingkang Chairman, China Banking Regulatory Commission
GUO Shuqing Chairman, China Construction Bank Corp.
LI Rongrong Director, State-Owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission
REN Zhigang President, Hong Kong Monetary Authority


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