Blown Away: What Coal Stripmining Did to the Mongolian Steppe – A Photo Essay

The following photo-essay appeared on an investigative journalism website called
腾讯: 视界

Tencent (host): A world of images
Probing events with a bias
Presenting them through high-quality visuals

Though the story is depressing, it is encouraging that this sort of independent critical journalism is finding more and more blogsites and more room to editorialize.


Fig. 1

“Stealing Coal as a Last Resort
Desertification across the Steppes of Inner Mongolia – first by overgrazing, a terrible price paid..
Now a next horror: Black wounds torn across the landscape in the search for coal to feed electric power demand”

(picture: Dumptrucks deliver multi-ton loads of surface-mined coal to a roadside transfer site, where they pile up as black mountains, waiting for the wind….)

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