“City Scenes” and Musical Comedy in ’30s Shanghai: Thin slate

Page 5
The story-script, page 2

Xiaoyun then craftily phones up Wang Junsan, and deviously invites him over (out?) for her birthday (pary) (hoping for an extravagant/fashionable gift), but she is greatly disappointed when he shows up with a foreign doll as a Xmas present. She then invites Wang to a coffee shop to sample the goodies, but he (cleverly) excuses himself on the grounds that urgent business need his attention and in his place sends his secretary a Mr Chen to escort her.

Meanwhile, at the coffee house, Xiaoyun deliberately picks a quarrel with Mr Chen over who should pay, in the midst of which she deliberately drops her pocketbook under the table. When Chen then escorts her to the dress shop to pick up the fur overcoat, when the bill is presented she “discovers” that he pocketbook is missing, then implies that it was misplaced in the midst of their quarrel over the check at the coffee house. Mr Chen is left with no choice but to settle the account himself, and keep up a string of apologies as they go off.

Christmas arrives and (poor) Li Menghua uses his last 2 yuan from a fee earned from writing (for a newspaper) to buy a fancy hat. Splendidly turned out she arranges with Li to go off to a nightclub to celebrate Christmas eve; but on arriving the strapped Menghua mistakenly pays for their tickets with his pawnshop receipt, and, when this is discovered, comes in for ridicule by the guests. Upon which Wang Junsan then arrives at the Nightclub to treat her to a night of dancing pleasure.

After the party breaks up, Wang escorts Miss Xiaoyun to his (hotel) lodgings, where he the seduces the very drunk Xiaoyun.

The next day when she is on her way home, she runs into her father qand mother at loggerheads over the fee for a rickshaw; feeling sorry for her father she bravely produces a currency note to give her father, but when he inspects her largesse he finds that it is only the valueless Fengtian note(that her formerly gave her).

(It happens) that her father is himself the proprietor of a small pawnshop, in difficulties because of a lack of (liquid) working capital. So when he finds out that Wang Junsan is the proprietor of a (large) tea business, he takes the initiative to affiance his daughter to him, so as to secure a loan to save his pawnshop from bankruptcy crisis.

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