Unmasking Childsong’s Dark Side in Shanghai Noir

Page 4

Its childsong refrain seems to confirm that the Three are now family, but it also can be understood (like Bijou’s down-costuming) as a doubly fatal throwback.
First because it hypnotizes the very exposed Bijou into a premature fantasy of liberation from the clutches of Boss Tang, who depends on Big City trinkets to trap his songbird. Trinkets (villa and limo nightclub included) whose potency a now ruralized (countryfied) Bijou now regrets, but too late.

And, second, because it transmits the expectation of being spoiled with a heap of Shanghai finery to Ajiao herself, who (like Xiaomei) believes she is being taken to train as a singer-dancer in the Big City, can expect to be even more spoiled.

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