Travelers Tourists Migrants and the post-Deng Era Theme Park Nightmare

The Invisible Migrant Class….

The film advertises itself as “about” migrants/immmigrants from (Fenyang) Shanxi struggling to make a living in BJ’s building (and tourist) boom. Or that is what one is given to expect as the “backstory” or overstory, with this as a kind of “episode” in their saga: (Hence the unelaborated interruptive titles that seem to predict the next act but don’t…)

If one were to make a true doc-realist “survey” of uniquely “now” they would be a super-topos since nothing so poignantly defines the post-Deng “opening” age as much as does the huge pop of subcontract workers off the state payroll doing more and more of the labor, a/c more and more of the VA; in addition to which, since they “don’t exist”, they ought to be the main attraction in critical documentation.

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