A Modern Classicist Dance Queen goes to the Big Media

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Illustrations: (1) header collage; (2) cursive brush inscription (uninterrupted line); (3-5) Zhang Ziyi, House of Flying Daggers Long-sleeve Dance; (6-11) Wang Yabin in Fan Dance over brush landscape and model choreography for Zhang Ziyi ) (no film credits!);

from Contest Awards to MTV to 2010 New Years Gala. and next?

The Journey of Wang Yabin, 1999-2004,
from BDA star to ghost dancer for Zhang Ziyi 章子怡in House of Flying Daggers

From solo and mod-classical and inkbrush in MTV
To ensemble-covered big stage in cinematic sets
To 2010 CCTV NY Spectacle – with fallen kunqu dan star Li Yugang

A bigger stage….

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