Qu’est-ce que c’est La Grand Opera? Purquoi Grand? (reflections on no particular performance)

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Illustrations of the Operatic Crisis of Approaching Death, Impulsive Death-dealing and after Death: Daumier et al.

1. Daumier Le melodrame
2. ibid. In the Orchestra = Orchestra Seats
3 ibid. The Uprising, a “symbol of all pent up human indignation.” (’48)
4-7 slideshow Wu Song sha sao (Wu Song Murders his Sister-in-law) and
film Farewell My Concubine (film, 1993)
8. Phantom of the Opera (dead reborn and proxy killer), lobby card

“Orchestra Seat(s)”, also ca 1865: Audience (male, front rows) reaction: Hypnotized but Self-conscious: Men are not supposed to….Women (in back rows) are stunned and don’t hide their cross-identification with the mortally wounded gamin

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