Backstage Musical and Chen Kaige’s “FAREWELL” — to what?

Is it “mad” to spur a song through sympathy? (Inside intoned out)? Or is it true impulse – a swelling of feeling moving inexorably into unconstraind movement (NOI “dance”) alone that that forebodes unretractable action? I shall let the reader adjudicate.
Chen ((ever haunted by the revolutionary excesses of the ’60s) clearly has no stomach for passion. As we note also in Yellow Earth (Cuiqiao cannot bring herself to admit that it is Gu Qing and not “the party” that intoxicates her — he is too cold” for that (unlike Lan huahua), and so instead she must plead her cased by analogy (the resplendent rooster), to whom “she cannot speak”.
Or, worse still,

Lee, Farewell, 255-7).

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