Borderland Legend, Carnival Fetes and Cinematic Opera


Sani Torch Fest. Midsummer Night’s Fest

Dali Yunan Bai April Bazaar

Lunar 1 (Feb) Dingdeng (Skull-lantern) Resurrection Procession, Shanxi/Henan
From Film: Red Lantern Green Lantern, e shanxi ca 1996

Militarist Carnival too. In North China, the major fetes were staged just after the (lunar) New Year, and (in Shaanxi) called shehuo (village subdistrict “bonfires”) or yangge (Spring Solstice Song/Dance) as made into a nostalgic model under the Mao regime…. rather like what happens in Texas Superbowl or its cousins (also a Solstice Rite in origin…).

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