South of Tibet: Dadawa, Angel-voices, and Prof. He in Hindi-land

Having belatedly found it (there are no MTVs so it just doesn’t turn up on Youku etc., the way us fast-grazers check..)… and having also discovering its very thin reception over here (Youtubes stats: I have here engineered a remix based on 3 of the 8 songs in the album. I will confess, as a former rapturee of Enya (way back) that I have been deeply moved by this fluid engagement with religious sound… I hope whoever you are you will be as enthralled….

(aside: Deflating World Music:
Speaking of Enya and Celtic Sound Reimagined: How different her Angelism from Amer-Evangelism, whispering vs hectoring, al-luring vs disowning: unreal dreamineness vs all-too-real shout-bang; yet both “streams” link to major millenarian events or turning points of the late 20th century: most strikingly, the endgame of the not-so-Cold Warriors; the “end of history” =dismantling of the FSU), the coming-of-age of the EU Ecumene as a media community above and beyond World Cup blitzes; the Color Remix class crisis of the “Western” dis-economies that surfaced in the reign of Good King Reagan and Queen Thatcher. And that strangest of all groundshifts: Vatican II, a death sentence for the liturgies that had accumulated beatitudinal vision and sound since the 5th century CE…

That’s a lot of ground to shift. Wrong to think, though, that the plates have resettled: mostly what’s happened, to my eyes, is that the dark side of the apocalyptic impulse has been privatized by Media Inc. (US/GB) thence offered on contract to Newscorp (WRH’s sucessor) and Foxology. How, next, will our ever declining amour propre play out in or vis-a-vis China, and will the rumbling animosity kick the ground out from under pan-ethnic fusion and “New”, non-lingual music?)


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