Celestial Journey to Tibet, New Age Modern Dance, Yang Liping and Choreo-fusion

Primal, but a step beyond: she has on TV repeatedly stated a view of modern dance that concedes (for modern artists) there is and cannot be any such thing, only a derivative (衍生态) of this modular. Caveat: there are two kinds of derivative, the one based on or expanding on honesty of translation, the other alienated and exploitative (as in the 60th birthday celebrations.


We have here have begun with her “de rigeuer” Tibet gala, but that neither commemorates her first gleanings of that voyage (200?) nor is to be fathomed without the narrative of how she evolved her outré but world class dance vocabulary. The work that spread her name across China, then up to the Poly Theatre in Beijing (pinnacle class) then around the world, was the misnamed “Dynamic Yunnan” (see http://www.dynamicyunnan.com/en/intro.htm)

(Dynamic Yunnan won five out of ten awards at the fourth “Lotus Award”, The most honorable dance competition in China:

• Golden Award for Dance Musical
• Best Choreographer
• Best Actress
• Best Costume Design
• Best Performer (Drum Dance)

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from Yunnan yingxiang (2002) (peacock dance etc.) and (last) from Mysteries of Tibet (2008)

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