Celestial Journey to Tibet, New Age Modern Dance, Yang Liping and Choreo-fusion

Though Oumuyounuo sings her way from home into the world (as also her godmother Dadawa), and can be listened to on the CD player, jiaanda believes (2012) that she can acquire the same iconic stature as Yunnan’s Joan of Arc as did “Yang Liping” some ten years earlier, though the danceuse is hard to catch a glimpse of. (No TV or MTV.., no Miss China idol, no contests since 1980).

So: what is the link, the overlap (we should always take adolescent’s intensity of feeling seriously… no matter how silly the words).

There are many, but what is meant here i think is the dancer’s ability to “transport” her way, or rather give wings to, a sense of place, an imagined hillcountry home (jiayuan), to loft it across many many ethnic spaces, to (even) chance backpacking it into the Tibetan upcountry as still “home”, backferried finally back to her startpoint to the East. Maybe our one writer is here just urging on a next rescuer of her homecountry “sound”, but her invocation of puerile fantasy/memory – not just a cliche – remarks this. For that too is what Oumuyounuo, and, now, a new general of Yunnan-Tibetan-Qinghai-Sichuan “fusion” songsters are on the way to becoming, beacons of a still larger Imagined Community, the Hindic West.

So it comes back again to that ever-constant New Age trope: angels flying up into the Himalayan hills, over the vast grasslands, listening, re-singing what their inner ears have heard.

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