A Shaman’s Travels and Cross-Straights Pingpong (Chapt II)

Well, here’s most of the answer: too much success. Or, to qualify: success for a non-“ordained” Party loyalist of truly spirited character, independent, allergic to Anthem-singing, and, worst of all, a star in a county level troupe much touted/pursued by the Taiwan musical preservationists, who seem (from Beijing) to be playing cat and mouse with big China’s Minority politics.

Taiwan aims? at sponsorship of mainland Minority culture.

If we go back to 2011, we ought to be impressed by the offshore engagement list that her embedding troupe was called on to fill out, imptressive that is is we bear in mind that the ensemble rer but one xcounrty and a miniruity one at that… wnd withj no fmaous soloistys to gauarbhtdee a draw.

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