A “Folk” Fusion Sound and New Age Vocal Timbre

Getting There… from almost-primal to globe-trotting “rock” band


Grasslands Music.
Yangjin Lhamo, Mamer, Hanggai . Anda Union. ???

If open topography -long vistas, high hills – and remoteness account for the Sound(s) of Yunnan and Tibet and their role as launchpoints for “New” celestial voicing, the case for terrain (“broad sky”, endless horizon) as a condition of fertility is even stronger for Mongolia, especially the Western segment, usually referred to as “Ordos” in disquisitions. A caveat must however be immediately inserted: the centering constant(s) are herding and Grasslands that support it on a nomadic basis. With that in mind, “caoyuan” is a prompter of a common form of singing and even instrument use that stretches from the Tungus into N and E Tibet, as well as Kazakhstan and the Altai “corridor” that links Xinjiang to the FSU’s eastern reaches.

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