A “Folk” Fusion Sound and New Age Vocal Timbre

The original Ballad (we hear only a portion in the prfeceding) has been recently performed on CCTV by 阿拉腾乌拉 Alatengwula (contest sponsor: PLA Navy Staff Bureau Propaganda Dept!.)

He Xuntian and Invented Re-sounding

If “angelsound” demarcates the advent of “World Music” or “New Age” sound in China or from China, the captain of the ship was/is? (1984-2002) He Xuntian: whose first intra-country “hit” was a chamber music meditation called “SOUNDS of NATURE” (but in Chinese simply Tianlai, Heavenly Sound – a work that sadly in not available on any public channels. (Though his end-run – 2002- album/single “New Age” production, Paramita, is: see PAGE 1; and his most Yunnanese work, “Earth Drum” 尘鼓, part of that album is at least available on Youtube).

Field Trips, New Sounds:
Gansu 1984
Xinjiang 1984
Yunnan 1989, 1991, 1995, 1998
Tibet 1993, 1995
Guangxi 1999

Mamer: a new kind of grasslands music:

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