Walls Invisible….

A Utopian Suburbia –  for Japanese of course!

Utopia does not end, however in the inner districts with their ever present police, soldiers, and motor traffic.

The final perimeter of this brave new world lies out in the commuter’s suburbs- or at least in the promises of the planners that modern, single-family housing for Japanese immigrants was to be available one day soon in the “bunka jutaku” (modern family communities) of the outlying districts, alraedy mapped out as yet without neighborhood names. The Hawaiian or Latin-rumba like shangri-la song indicates if course where the (American) ideal comes from, no doubt first encountered at the Expo. Levittown before there was Levittown, but that is what Wold Fairs are about. As yet no washing machines or refrigerators, but they can’t be far off. The tennis courts however seem aleady in place- the cult of exercise begins well before the War, no doubt with Army support.

Here too Beijing’s unplannable congestion would make such “country clubs”
(dreamed or real) unthought of. But of course this dream was to outlive the Colonies.

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