Of minstrelsy in Red Sorghum

And then of course is the lyric “Lil Sis’ Go Your Own Way Courageously, Don’t Look Back (Listen to what others might say)”, which (as the viewer count shows) has been adopted by viewers (I would guess young ones) as THEIR voice…

The “cult” of “Jiu’r” (Dai Fenglian) “marching bravely on— (through illegimate “common law” marriage to an unstable ex-bandit, then to her death in the Black Water River ambush – is stronger now then ever, not because of feminism but because it bespeaks a kind of impulsive bravery now deemed lost, but worth honoring…and (if I currently read the attached blogpost, exactly recapitulative of Mo Yan’s own point of view.

“we living today can scarce imagine ordinary peasants or workers – the masses- trusting to a faith or hope for the future to become (like) (party-enlisted) “revolutionaries”, fearless of hardship, and marching ahead for Revolution even if at the cost of abandoning spouses or children”.

(2012-03-01 20:48:33)

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