Sign-languaging: “Everyone does it…”, even (gulp) artfolks

More practice needed? Let’s replicate the same transform that occurs in the Olympics pageant, whereby an “objective” photo of mountain(s) changes into “subjective
ink-brush impression, non-literalist free play.

It happens – the morpheme – here just as in the 2008 Show (acts 1-2) around the border, or otherwise abstracted from what is tagged as “objective” or understood as subject.

First for the Liu Sanjie production. in a PR montage for the 2003 Liu Sanjie show, a finger-painting like freeform (brush-painted) cut-away of mountainness (upper panel) is pasted back together to or over a photo of the actual hillcrests, caught in a moment when fog or mist is blurring them (lower panel). As if the transition from cognition to intuition was happening quite of itself anyway.

the landsscape brush-paintiing tradition

Impressions Liu Sanjie advart

The fully completed shapes-board would look something like this.

But it is made to confront the viewer in various incompletions, none the same in any time series. To get the full “sense” of the encode one would need to be shown all the pieces simultaneously, as (my improvization):

Heaven, Eart, Man (Zhuang men are lazy"-ladies beat them there...)

Next: fast forward, and we will recognize the same implementation in process in the 2008 Birds Nest show, right d’al capo:

Objective: mountains(a)


More on the under-programming of the Olympics Ceremony

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