Sign-languaging: “Everyone does it…”, even (gulp) artfolks

First, every side (Central Powers vs the strange trium- then quadrumvirate – then quintumvirate of F,R,UK,US, Italy) had tried it (haphazard mind control)- though mainly of its own citizens – in WWI, and returned to it with a vengeance once the global crisis of the 30s-40s, then the Second War, then the Cold war came around; it is only then that it begins to talk of /into THEM as well as us. Even today the US information bureaucracy not to mention its semi-private appendages like NewsCorp are glued to it: Pfizer-GM-and Boeing are avid practitioners (why I’ve stopped watching PBS): it even now has a name and a scientific publishing nexus: Mental Engineering, etc. As Cole Porter reminds us, “Everybody does it….:”. A savvy fellow, he.

The Right (Italy enters WWI: language to become poetry
(the banners of War blow Rightward, etc)

War makes "words" free (for chauvinists)

The left (USSR) and Civil War and recovery
(the poles must be kept standing, the messages “spinning”)

Honoring the Soviet Postal Administration

The telegraphs HAD to work: the Civil War still raged

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